PSPCA: Animals Seized in Strawberry Mansion Expected to Make Full Recovery

All three animals seized by the PSPCA in Strawberry Mansion yesterday are expected to make a full recovery, said spokeswoman Wendy Marano.

“The animals received veterinary care and are continuing to receive veterinary care at our Erie Avenue animal shelter,” Marano said. “One dog was so skinny and so emaciated, it couldn’t even walk, but today we had it out and walking a little bit.”

Two pitbulls and a cat were removed from a home on the 2600 block of North 23rd Street yesterday afternoon after the police department’s Warrant Unit, while in the process of picking up a woman involved in an assault case, saw an emaciated dog in the backyard buried in trash and called humane law enforcement officers.

A second dog was found “literally buried alive in a mountain of trash,” according to George Bengal, director of humane law enforcement. A subsequent search of the home turned up a severely neglected cat.

“All three animals are very sweet, friendly and trusting. Considering what they’ve been through – it’s just horrendous – but such they’re such gentle, loving creatures,” Marano said. “We’ll slowly get them back up to weight, we don’t want to tax their systems. But I don’t think they’ll have a problem finding a home.”

Marano said the PSPCA will be able to determine later in the week when the animals will be up for adoption.

Cruelty charges have been filed against two men at the home who were allegedly aware of the animals’ condition, but the PSPCA is attempting to determine which resident was the pets’ owner, who may face more serious charges.

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