Puppy gets new lease on life after getting shot, witnessing owner’s murder


Rhino, was only 7 months old when his owner and he were attacked by an armed intruder in their home earlier this month. Rhino, shot and bleeding, reportedly hid under a bed as investigators combed through the murder scene where his owner had been killed.

Now according to a report from Philly.com, Rhino has a new lease on life after his owner’s sister took him in after the seemingly random murder.

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“If I can’t have my brother, I can have his other best friend,” Ivory Poinsett, the sister of murder victim and Rhino’s owner, Nakia Pyatt explained. “At least he left his dog to take care of us.”

Naika Pyatt’s tragic death occurred on Jan. 16 at about 10:00 p.m. when a random intruder “kicked open the front door of the 41-year-old victim’s Frankford apartment and shot him twice — once in the chest and once in the right leg — and then ran out of the residence” ABC Philly reported.

Little Rhino was also shot and investigators were unaware the dog was in the residence, slowly bleeding out under his owner’s bed. Philly.com reports that it wasn’t until 4:00 a.m. when the dog emerged from under the bed and went outside.

Poinsett explained to Philly.com that though she’s happy to have the dog, the financial toll of medical procedures for the pup has been staggering.

“I ended up having to take out a loan, especially with my brother’s funeral costs, on top of everything. This is going to cost a lot, but it will be worth it,” she explained to Philly.com, regarding the thousands of dollars she has spent and may need to spend to help the pooch.

Investigators believe that the motive behind the invasion and murder was robbery, but have no leads on a suspect.

The killer’s gun and cellphone were collected from the crime scene after a witness tried to grab him as he ran.

A GoFundMe campaign has been set up to help Poinsett fund Rhino’s medical needs.

The Philadelphia Police Department encourages anyone with information regarding this murder to call their tip line at 215-686-8477.

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