Questlove doesn’t want you taking photos at his DJ gigs

Questlove performs a dj set at March for Our Lives in Los Angeles. | Getty Images
Getty Images

Questlove is a highly sought after DJ, in addition to being the co-founder of the Roots, NYU professor, producer, author — the list goes on.

According to Page Six, Questlove has a strict no photos policy when he’s doing a DJ gig.

At a recent event hosted by Romio app, at the NoMad Hotel in New York City, the Philly musician performed a three-hour DJ set.

Page Six reports that Questlove was surrounded on all sides by security guards and signs saying, “NO PHOTOS,” in big, bold letters.

A source told Page Six that the reason Questlove doesn’t want photos taken when he’s DJing is because the flashes are distracting.

So next time you see Questlove spinning, put the phone down (or actual camera) and let him work his turntable magic.

You should be rocking out to the music, anyway.


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