Radnor elementary school on lockdown after bear sighting

Casey Brown / Flickr Creative Commons

A Radnor elementary school was placed on a lockdown Tuesday following recent bear sightings in the area.

As many as three bear sightings Tuesdaymorning in the area around the rear of Ithan Elementary School on Clyde Road prompted the lockdown, according to CBS Philly.

“Radnor Police and the Pennsylvania Game Commission completed a thorough investigation of the wooded area on the perimeter of our grounds where a bear was sighted the morning of Sept. 13,” a statement from the Delaware Countyschool read.”They did not locate the bear during this search.

“Radnor Police are confident our students are safe and our property is secure, however as a precautionary measure we will remain in a Level I Lockdown for the remainder of the school day, which means students will be kept indoors.”

A member of the school district security staff was assigned to monitor the area where the bear was sighted on Tuesday and Wednesday.

“A Radnor police officer will be here tomorrow to provide an extra layer of security,” a school official said. “The police are also shutting down the township’s two pathways that lead to the wooded area for 24 hours.”

Officials also reported the sighting of alarge black bearSaturday nightin the 400 block of Roundhill in the St. Davids section of Radnor Township.

Residents are advised that if they come in contact with a bear, tonot approach it for any reason, and to contact 911 immediately.

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