Rape victim confronts her alleged attacker

A tear-soaked pile of tissues sat on the witness stand as the victim shared every painful memory from 2008, when a tall, knife-wielding man in a hand-ripped ski mask hog-tied her former boyfriend and raped her repeatedly. “Don’t look me in the eyes,” she recounted of an assailant’s order that went unheeded in her Center City apartment.

Assistant District Attorney Peter Lim asked whether defendant Domenique Wilson was the attacker who told her University of Pennsylvania grad-student boyfriend “I’m going to rape your girlfriend in front of you” before doing so. She stood six feet from the defense table, stared intently at Wilson’s face for about 10 seconds and said, “I remember the shape of his eyes. They match up.”

Wilson stands accused of another pair of assaults of Penn-student roommates two months later. The victims — full names withheld by Metro — were ambushed in a Clinton Court Apartments hallway by an erratic attacker on the male’s 29th birthday.

“[He] started praying out loud for our safety, but [the rapist] was getting really agitated,” the 27-year-old woman recalled. “He said, ‘God ain’t going to save you now.’”

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