Red Bull’s annual Flugtag event back on Delaware River

Try all they want, Major League Baseball can’t stop them this time.

Last year — two days before the event — Jon Notte, Adam Denard, Dan White, Tim Muir and Bryan Reese got a call from MLB telling them to chop off the head on their Phillie Phanatic-inspired Red Bull Flugtag craft. They did; and then failed miserably.

But the fearsome fivesome is back with a brand-new invention. The crew has reinvented themselves, choosing to spend the last few months patrolling the Delaware River disguised as the nautical, crime-fighting boy band, New Kids on the Dock.

“NKOTD saves lives, that’s what we do,” Denard said. “We’re out there to bring joy to the people, but take their breath away with our looks and our dance moves.”

Each member has a specialty, too. Denard is the pilot. Notte is the zoologist. Muir is the craftsman. White is the playboy. Reese … well, he can get you anything you want.

“You want lobster skin? He’s got five pounds of it ready, waiting,” Denard said.

When asked, ‘What do you do with lobster skin?’ Denard replied, “What don’t you do with lobster skin?”

Fair enough. The competition will be judged on three criteria: the distance you fly, how funny your skit is and how cool your craft looks. Denard will sit atop the lobster Saturday when Red Bull Flugtag invades the Camden Waterfront, just as he did last year on the headless Phanatic.

And hopefully they aren’t breaking any copyright laws this time around.

“We’re hoping not to get into trouble with New Kids on the Block, but we think they’re cool with it,” Denard said.

‘Dock Lobster’ to take flight?

The band’s name was inspired by Denard’s girlfriend, but he admitted that all members have a great appreciation for boy bands.

NKOTD has spent more than 80 hours building their craft, a 30-foot lobster, which consists of PVC pipe, cardboard, wire, paper mache and red spray paint. It also features sailcloth for the wings to ensure it won’t sink once it hits the water.

They have dubbed the craft “Dock Lobster.”

“We’re close [to it being finished],” Denard said Wednesday. “Just have to paint the wings and draw some big, big anchors on there.”

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