Red-light cameras activated in Southwest Philadelphia

Red-light Camera. Credit: Wiki Commons Red-light Camera. Credit: Wiki Commons

As of 12:01 a.m. there are now a total of 27 red-light cameras guarding intersections across the city.

On Monday the Philadelphia Parking Authority announced it activated its newest camera at the intersection of Island and Bartram Avenues in Southwest Philadelphia as Sunday night transitioned into Monday morning.

Red-light cameras monitor traffic and automatically photograph the license plates of vehicles that drive through an intersection after the stop light flickered red.

The first 45 days after installation is a grace period. Violators will receive warnings in the mail. The grace period ends at midnight on June 11.

After the grace period, violators face a $100 fine.

With this installation, the total number of red-light cameras in the city rises to 119, which are located at 27 different intersections. The first cameras were installed in 2005.

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