Remember Matt Lauer’s short-lived Philly TV show from the 80s?

Matt Lauer hosted a show in Philadelphia back in the 1980s. | Getty Images
Getty Images

Yesterday, the country was shocked to hear that the superstar host of NBC’s “Today,” Matt Lauer, had been fired for allegations of sexual misconduct.

But do you remember his brief stint in Philly as the host of “Live! On City Line” on Channel 10 (then owned and operated by CBS)? The Inquirer sure does and interviewed Lauer about the show when it made its debut back in 1987.

Lauer, 29 at the time, hosted the afternoon entertainment show with Sheela Allen-Stephens and told the Inquirer back then that it was “heavily into dirt” and “if it’s dirty…we’ll do it.”


Well, being edgy certainly didn’t help the show stay on the air. It lasted for only two months.

Matt Lauer said of the show after the cancellation in an Inquirer interview: “This was a good experience for me. I learned a lot. I became a better interviewer. I worked with a terrific staff. At my age, you have a lot of dues to pay. I was never ashamed of the show. I make no apologies for it. My only disappointment is that I never got to know Philadelphia.”

Well, Matt — here’s to hoping you never do. 

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