Report: Philly has one of the lowest rates of cop-involved killings in U.S.

A new report released by activist research collective Mapping Police Violencesays that Philadelphia has one of the lowest rates of cop-involved killings in urban America.

The 2015 Police Violence Report listedthe top 60 American police departments by size and how civilian deaths compare in those cities. Among its findings, the report statedthat Bakersfield, Ca., has the worst rate of police killings at 13.6 deaths per million people.

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Oklahoma City, too, faredpoorly. There, researchers saidthat 12.9 out of every million people die at the hands of police.

LargerAmerican cities like Boston, New York and Philadelphia fared better than 75 percent of other Americancities, however.

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Philadelphia, for instance, ranked58out of 60 with 1.3 killings involving police per million people. Over the past several years, the PPD has made a concerted effort at deescalating conflict and increasing transparency.

There was a disturbing fact contained in Philadelphia’s comparatively low ranking, however.

Researchers said that Philadelphia was one of 14 police departments where “100% of the people they killed were black” and that “41 of the 60 police departments disproportionately killed black people relative to the population of black people in their jurisidction.”

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