Reset by Therabody opens in Fishtown

Light Therapy is one of the many services offered at Reset.

Sometimes your body just needs a reset, and to do that, most of us could use some help.

One new health and wellness oasis has opened in Philadelphia to give you that much-needed assistance. Reset by Therabody’s whole philosophy is that the power to heal ourselves is built into our biology, they just have the tools ready for us that will help speed along this process.

According to their official site: Therabody’s mission is to help people help themselves feel better naturally. Everybody experiences soreness, tension, or tightness—whether it’s from sitting at a desk, working out, or just living life. Reset makes it easier than ever to feel better on your schedule and on your terms. Their new venues, which are located in other cities/states as well as Philly, give the public access to high-tech procedures and treatments to improve performance, enhance recovery and promote mental well-being.

Reset offers monthly memberships which package some of their services together for an annual fee ranging from $150-$500, but they also offer other catered packages and a la carte services. All of these services in the past have only been available to athletes, high-level competitors, and professionals, so the access is quite worth the trip.

There are a few different services provided that are meant to help kickstart the body’s own armor for itself, in a way.

There’s a Lymphatic Massage, Theragun Massage, PEMF Therapy, Cryotherapy, Sound Therapy, Light Therapy, Therabody Retail, IV Drips, Enhancement Boosters and more. Philadelphians can also buy specific packages that offer two or more services plus one of Reset’s products, like their Recover CBD Lotion or CBD Sleep Tincture. These packages which range in categories such as “Calm,” “Replenish,” “Perform,” “Detox,” “Immunity,” and more are priced around $50 and take about 30 minutes.

However, the a la carte services are even better. Visitors can schedule a Theragun Massage (using the percussive device, the Theragun that Therabody is most known for) for $20 for 15 minutes, or Cryotherapy for $45 for 5 minutes, plus PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field therapy), Sound Therapy and more around the same price range for their own durations.

The procedures are scientific, and a little hard to understand from just the name. They won’t be after you do them, however. Each specialist who works at Reset has been trained, for hours, just on what each service does. Therabody pioneered percussive therapy, and now they are pioneering a professional education experience, which is reportedly unheard of in the performance and recovery space. They’re dubbed their school Therabody University, which combines the fundamentals of Theragun Percussive Therapy with actionable insights to “bring back to your business and drive greater value for your community.”

According to their site, Therabody University also features live virtual edition courses to level up the educational experience through dynamic exercises, open-format Q&As, real-life case studies, and more. Departing from a one-size-fits-all approach, each course is specialized for the student’s specific needs and considerations.

So, in short, the technicians and specialists really know what they’re doing.

The space and venue itself is also as impressive as the services. It’s private, clean, and welcoming. Overall, the experience that you get here is worth it just for the fact that unless you played for the Phillies or Eagles, you probably have never been able to enjoy for yourself.

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