Restaurant worker found with throat slashed

Screenshot ABC

Police are currently investigating the murder of a South Philadelphia restaurant worker who was found with her throat slashed on Thursday, ABC Philly reported.

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The incident reportedly happened around 9 p.m. Thursday at Lee’s Cafe and Bistro located on the 500 block of Washington Avenue. Investigators said her body was found in the basement of the restaurant.

NBC Philly reported that her body was bludgeoned and bloody.

“She had a deep cut to her neck, and she was pronounced dead,” Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector Scott Small explained.

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“There is a lot of blood next to her body, there is some overturned kitchen equipment – a piece of kitchen equipment is actually laying on her body,” Small added. “In addition to her throat being slashed, she also has some facial injuries.”

At the time the body was found, the restaurant was reportedly still serving customers.

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