‘Road rage’ led to police-involved shooting Monday, officers say

philadelphia police vehicle Credit: Metro file photo

Details are emerging about an officer-involved shooting Monday when a motorist allegedly drew a gun onplainclothes police officers because he was upset with their driving.

“It’s a case of road rage,” said Lt. John Stanford.

Stanford said the incident allegedly occurred near the intersection of 19th and Plymouth streets in North Philadelphia near the West Oak Lane neighborhood.

The 27-year-old suspect, of the 1700 block of Plymouth Street, was driving behind the unmarked police vehicle, which was being used for an investigation.

“I guess they were driving slow,” Stanford said.

The suspect then allegedly pulled up beside the officers, Stanford said, then drew out a gun and pointed it at the officers.

Even after the officers identified themselves as police, the suspect would not put the gun down, at which point an officer fired one bullet which struck the suspect in the head.

The suspect then fled in his car and got out, the car continued rolling and struck the suspect, then crashed into parked cars, Stanford said.

The suspect was transported to Albert Einstein Medical Center where he was treated for his injuries and was in stable condition, Stanford said.

The suspect has not been identified at this time and no further details were available from police.

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