‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’ comes to the TLA

Ever since it hit theaters in 1975, “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” has been a staple of cult cinema, effectively defining the term “midnight movie.” While creator Richard O’Brien didn’t exactly mean for audiences to watch the flick over and over again, yelling creatively inappropriate responses to the screen while throwing an assortment of props, this unique response to the musical has kept it alive for generations.

In cities all over the world, dedicated “Rocky Horror” fans create “shadow casts” that re-enact the movie in the front of the theater as it screens, further fueling the mandatory audience participation aspect. Philadelphia is no exception to this, as it has one of the most colorful and imaginative shadow casts in the country: Transylvanian Nipple Productions. Performing their own unique take on the “Rocky Horror Picture Show” each month at the Ritz Bourse in Old City and each year at the Monster Mania horror convention in New Jersey, the cast is now, for the second year in a row, able to bring their antics to where “Rocky Horror” kicked off in Philadelphia: the storied TLA on South Street.

On Saturday, Aug. 6, Robert Drake and Transylvanian Nipple Productions will take over the TLA for an entire evening of “Rocky Horror”-themed fun. Following an official “pregame” show at nearbyTattooed Mom’s, things will kick off at 9 p.m. with a performance by the bandCandy Volcano, which will pay tribute to the “glam-tastic” ’70s era and the artists who made it shine, in particular the late, great David Bowie. Once the concert ends around 11 p.m., the preshow festivities will begin, complete with prize packs being awarded to those audience members who display the best personal spins on ’70s glam culture (and, of course, “Rocky Horror” looks in particular).

Finally, at midnight (because when else can this movie possibly be shown?), “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” will officially begin. The shadow cast will offer prop bags for sale and every last member of the audience will be encouraged to participate in the action as the decades-old antics of Dr. Frank N. Furter and his loyal band of “unconventional conventionists” terrify the square Brad and Janet once again.

Presale tickets are $12 and can be purchased online or at the TLA box office, located at 334 South St.​

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