Rodney Harrison: ‘Pressure on Vick’

Now that Michael Vick is the Eagles’ $100 million man, the pressure is really on.

Attempting to end the franchise’s Super Bowl drought was enough anxiety, but now Vick has a big red bull’s eye on the back of his No. 7 jersey. Off the field, he’s said and done all the right things. On the field, he was a trendy MVP pick for a majority of last season.

But now that the money and endorsements are back, Vick is facing even more pressure than ever.

“I think now the pressure comes on him,” said NBC studio analyst Rodney Harrison. “Can he keep the same humble spirit? Can he continue to avoid the dark side?”

Harrison joined Tony Dungy, Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth Tuesday afternoon to discuss the upcoming NFL season. Obviously, the first few questions focused on Vick.

“This makes it a success story for the Eagles,” said Dungy, who mentored Vick the past couple years. “To me, it was a success story for Michael from the very beginning. He’s been a good person to the area, he’s been a leader on and off the field. This contract makes it kind of a feel-good thing.”

Still, Harrison warned that it may be easy to revert to his old ways now that his bank account is full.

“Now he has the contract. Now he has the fame. When you get all that … now people see that $100 million and are going to be coming at you,” Harrison said. “Can he continue to stay focused and keep away from the dark side?”

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