Roger that: Vilma files lawsuit against Goodell

Take that, commish.

Jonathan Vilma is so confident that he is innocent in the Saints’ bounty scandal that is suing Roger Goodell for defamation of character.

The NFL commissioner suspended Vilma for the entire season after an investigation revealed that he was the leader of the bounty program.

Vilma wrote the following on his Twitter account: “As I’ve said before .. I NEVER PAID, NOR INTENDED TO PAY ANY AMOUNT OF MONEY, TO ANY PLAYER FOR INTENTIONALLY HURTING AN OPPONENT.”

Vilma’s lawsuit, filed Thursday in New Orleans, asks for unspecified monetary damages. The linebacker’s attorney said that Goodell has “harmed Jonathan’s reputation and ability to make a living.”

The Saints’ bounty program reportedly awarded between 22 and 27 players with thousands of dollars for putting big hits and — in some cases — knocking out the star players on opposing teams.

Saints head coach Sean Payton has already been suspended without pay for the entire season. Vilma and three other defensive players have also been disciplined.

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