Ronald Moore: Real punishment for fake passenger’s fake injuries

After a SEPTA bus and cab, both traveling 5 miles an hour or less, “slightly bumped” into one another near 13th and Walnut streets, the bus driver was required to get out to check for damage. There wasn’t even a scratch, but prosecutors said a 37-year-old man with nine aliases who witnessed the collision climbed aboard, laid down inside and claimed he’d been injured.

Yesterday, Ronald Moore pleaded guilty to theft by deception and filing a fraudulent report and was sentenced to two years reporting probation and a $1,000 civil fine. Moore asked whether the punishment could be lifted if he pays the fine and court fees sooner, and Assistant District Attorney Linda Montag said she “wouldn’t object to that.”

“He admitted his claim was a fraud, that he wasn’t injured and that he was not actually on the bus,” Montag said of Moore, who turned around and smiled after sentencing.

This wasn’t his first time in court. Since 1996, he’s pleaded guilty to charges including drug possession, robbery, criminal trespass and prostitution.

Another bus crasher?

Charges are still pending against Latanya Mathis, 24, who received a $5,000 payment after reporting she’d injured her head in the Nov. 18, 2008 collision. Security video showed no such injury, prosecutors allege.

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