Rothman to bring Cyberknife to Philly

One of the region’s top places for orthopedics, Rothman Institute, is pushing forward with new technology to help its patients, including the recent addition of the Cyberknife.

Using computers, robots and cameras, the knife is able to target tumors that until now have been considered unreachable by surgeons — without the use of anesthetic, due to noninvasive radiosurgery.

“CyberKnife allows us to target just the tumors while largely sparing healthy cells,” Alexander Vaccaro of the Rothman Institute said about the frontier-breaking technology in a press release.

The study of our joints, bones, muscles and nerves makes up orthopedics, the specialty for Rothman, located on Ninth and Chestnut in Center City. Founded in 1970 by Richard H. Rothman, the institute has been recognized internationally for its work in orthopedic research and technology.

The company prides itself on being the largest orthopedics practice in Philadelphia and southern New Jersey, because of its physicians’ publications of numerous textbooks and for being the official orthopedic physicians for the Phillies, Eagles and Flyers.

Orthopedics can range anywhere from complex surgeries such as hip replacement to helping people meet nutritional goals. The Rothman Institute offers a Wellness program, which is a specifically customized program to help patients with weight loss. The dietitians work closely with each patient both in group classes and one-on-one follow ups.

From sports nutrition to the study of bone diseases, the Rothman Institute has been a big part of orthopedic research, as well as an important part of Philadelphia’s medical scene.

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