Rumor Mill: Moss to Eagles? How sick is Maclin?

Now, back to the lecture at hand …

The Eagles reportedly made an offer to Randy Moss before he filed his retirement papers. The Moss report comes courtesy of Karen Guregian over at the Boston Herald. The Eagles haven’t commented publicly on the rumor/report, but sources have denied its validity.

For now, Moss is retired. He filed his papers Wednesday. However, if he wants to make a comeback, all he has to do is file his un-retirement papers.

Now, to the Jeremy Maclin situation … there are some bizarre and very speculative rumors floating around the message boards and blogs that the wide receiver’s mysterious illness is a form of cancer, maybe lymphoma.

Like I’ve stated at the outset, these are unconfirmed and coming from unreliable sites. The website, Where’s Weems, cited a source with knowledge of Maclin’s situation in a report posted earlier today. That has since been removed.

Look, we would never put anything in print unless it was true, so take these rumors for what they are: RUMORS. For now, Maclin is at training camp and he isn’t talking to reporters until he is able to practice. When that is … nobody seems to know right now.

“He’s not done with his tests so the doctors are still looking at a few things,” coach Andy Reid said earlier this week.

CBS Sports does a good job outlining Maclin’s previous bout with a “mono-like illness.”

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