Running for a cause

Paul Mathison will run — and run some more — in a quirky quest to draw attention to the once-a-decade political-redistricting process. He expected to start the 1,000-mile “PennUltimate Run” on Friday morning at Radnor Middle School, from where he’ll take a lap around the commonwealth with a “fully-loaded jogging stroller” and ceremonial baton.

Federal and state political-districts redrawing is currently based on U.S. Census numbers which were to be released Friday, and controlled by elected officials. Critics cite inevitable conflicts of interest.

“There should be transparency. The bigger desire is to transform by putting the spotlight on the folks who are doing it to make sure it gets done the best way possible, while getting citizens involved,” said Mathison, 51, who said the estimated 50-day run would feature “brisk walking at best.”

His progress can be tracked via Twitter (@pjmathison).

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