Rutgers University bans frat parties for the rest of spring semester


The party’s over for Rutgers University’s frats and sororities — at least for the rest of the spring semester.

“Rutgers takes seriously its commitment to maintaining a healthy and safe campus environment,” the massive New Jersey university said in a statement.

“In light of a number of alcohol-related incidents this year involving Greek organizations,” however, the school has put the kibosh on any more campus parties where the alcohol flows freely.

Events with licensed third-party vendors are still allowed — but parties in frat houses are banned.

Rutgers has 65,000 students spread among several campuses; the main campus is in New Brunswick, N.J. There are 86 recognized fraternities and sororities.

Like many other schools across America, the 2014-15 school year has seen major negative attention on the student groups.

The ban comes after a difficult year for fraternities and sororities at Rutgers.

Among the various incidents at the state-funded university, reports are :

  • In September, Rutgers student Caitlyn Kovacs, 19, of Monmouth Junction, died of alcohol poisoning after drinking at the Delta Kappa Epsilon house in New Brunswick; DKE was later suspended.
  • Six weeks later, a drunk 20-year-old member of Sigma Phi Epsilon was hospitalized and its national headquarters suspended the frat.
  • Five other unnamed Rutgers frats are also facing campus discipline reviews for alcohol-related incidents.

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