Sam Bradford, Mark Sanchez could give Chip Kelly a decision difficult

Charles Mostoller

It seems as though we are in the midst of a quarterback battle.

At least in the mind of Mark Sanchez.

Many ponder what will be going on in Chip Kelly’s head over the next six weeks heading into training camp. A difficult decision will be made by Kelly if Sanchez continues to impress and Sam Bradford doesn’t heal.

Most NFL coaches would be happy to be in the situation Kelly is in, picking between two quarterbacks drafted in the top five of their respected drafts. But right now it’s choice that Kelly still has no answer for.

The best player is going to play,” Kelly said Thursday during the team’s last day of mandatoryminicamp. “That’s the way it has to be. My theory is the best players are going to play. It’s not fair to anyone if that’s not the way it is. It’s not fair to the players, the staff, the city.”

Bradford has been the heavy favorite since coming over from St. Louis. The former No.1 pick is learning a new offense and coming off an injury.

Sounds familiar, considering the heavy favorite to be backup quarterback, Sanchez, underwent the same kind of offseason in 2014.

The former No. 5 pick has kept his confidence during the spring with regards to winning the starting role.

“He’s just so much more comfortable in terms of what we’re doing.” Kelly said.“Last year he was coming off an injury, learning a new offense on the fly. So there’s a whole different comfort level when you see Mark out there now.”

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