Sam Bradford watch: Eagles plan to talk to QB’s agent this week

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Finally, some concrete information.

No, the Eagles have not struck a deal with Sam Bradford. No they have not announced a decision on their intention with the quarterback spot, but Howie Roseman says he expects to meet with Bradford’s agent this week. That’s something, right?

“When you have pending free agents you get to see people eye to eye and talk them up,” Roseman said at the NFL Combine Wednesday. “We will be running into [Bradford’s agent] Tom Condon in thenext couple days.”

Reports in January said that Condon wanted around $25 million for Bradford, but it would make sense for him to lower his asking price now as February nears an end. The market for him is just not as big as it was during the season.

Money aside, Doug Pederson thinks Bradford wants to come back.

“Being in his shoes, you have to want to be somewhere,” the coach said,”and I think Sam wants to be in Philadelphia.

“The fact that he himself put himself in a leadership role toward the end of the season proves to me he can handle this role andstart.”

As for the other quarterback on the roster? Not so fast on those rumors that Mark Sanchez will be the next to be cut (it was DeMeco Ryans, who was let go earlier Wednesday). Sanchez might just play out his contract after all.

“He’s another veteran guy you’d like to have at the backup quarterback position,” Pederson, a career NFL backup himself, said.”In today’s football it helps to have two guys. The fact that a QB can’t stay healthy sometimes for 16 games, having a guy like Mark on your roster helps that.”

Nelson Agholor, last year’s first round pick disappointed a bit his rookie season. But Pederson sees a lot of Jeremy Maclinin Agholor, possibly a potent weapon for whoever mans the quarterback position in 2016.

“Love everything about him,” Pederson said. “What he stands for as a person, he’s young, I think he can fit that type of [Maclin-like] role.”

As for drafting a quarterback? Well, Pederson has an opinion on that too. And it comes down to leadership ability.

“How can they convince 10 guys in the huddle?” he said. “How can theyconvince Jason Peters to believe in them? I want to see that.”

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