Scofflaw raccoon spotted in PATCO without paying fare

Watch out, PATCO commuters. A raccoon has recently been spotted in one of the New Jersey-to-Philly transit lines’ stations in Center City.

PATCO revealed the presence of the raccoon themselves on Twitter early Monday.

“PLEASE NOTE: We’re aware of this furry fare evader at 8th Street,” they tweeted. “Animal control has been notified to safely remove the mammal.”

Some commuters promptly melted down on Twitter, with many questioning whether the raccoon owned the bag he is seen clutching or had taken it.

“Was he dragging that bag or was that a passenger’s?” one tweeted. “It was a passenger’s bag,” replied David Bell Mislan, who took the original photo of the raccoon, which was later retweeted by PATCO. “He dropped it there and the raccoon was checking it out. Funny episode — everything turned out okay.”

According to Mislan, one female commuter with “nerves of steel” walked past the raccoon within inches of it. And after toying with the bag, the four-legged critter scurried off down the train tunnel, he wrote.

Contrary to popular belief, raccoons are not rodents. They are mammals and meat-eaters. But they are known as “masked bandits” for their tendency to steal and eat anything available, including any food in outdoor gardens or garbage cans which have not been improperly secured.

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