Scout: Cole Hamels should only be traded for ‘massive’ package

Cole Hamels Cole Hamels has been tremendous for the Phillies this season.
Credit: Getty Images

After Cole Hamels dominated the Braves Saturday night, contending teams dreaming of adding an ace, must be salivating over the prospects of adding King Cole.

However, general manager Ruben Amaro would be dealing a star entering the prime of his career.

“If the Phillies were to trade Hamels, they would have to get a massive package,” a NL scout said. “Hamels is an ace and they don’t grow on trees.”

Hamels, 30, who pitched his best game of the season over the weekend, is having an exceptional campaign, while starting for a lousy team.

But the Phillies don’t appear to be considering a total rebuild, which isn’t surprising. The $2.5 billion infusion of Comcast cash kicks in next season.

“The Phillies will have a bunch of contracts that will expire in two years,” a NL scout said. “Barring unforeseen injuries, Hamels could still be an elite starter then. I don’t think the Phillies will trade Hamels”

Phillies icon Steve Carlton posted a ridiculous 114-65 record for the Phillies after he turned 32.

Fans make a huge deal about Hamels signing a deal for $144 million but he left a considerable amount of cash on the table.

“There’s no doubt about that,” Dodgers ace Clayton Kershaw said. “He would have made a lot more money if he signed elsewhere, like here [to the Dodgers]. I wish he did come here. Phillies fans should appreciate Hamels. He’s one of the best in the game. There’s no doubt about that.”

Watching Hamels stifle the Braves early with his best fastball of the season and then dazzle Atlanta in the latter innings with his devastating changeup gives the team one piece in the 25-man puzzle.

“I think it would be crazy if the Phillies trade Cole,” Jayson Werth said after he roughed up his ex-teammate just before the All-Star break at Citizens Bank Park. “He’s a great pitcher. There’s only a few of them in the game. Everybody wants one of those. How much would it take to get a guy like Hamels? I just don’t see how a team can put that kind of package together. He’s an amazing pitcher, and he was a great teammate. If I’m the Phillies, I hold on to him.”

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