Seaview Hotel will open this weekend with new safety precautions


These past few months have seen plenty of closures and cancellations, but on the horizon is finally a bit of change. 

Memorial Day is this weekend, and many have been trying to wrap their heads around what to do safely for the typical long weekend of celebration, and one South Jersey establishment may now have the answer for that. 

According to a release, Seaview, the historic and newly renovated 106-year-old resort just west of Atlantic City is reopening for a limited number of guests on Friday, May 22, joining Seaview’s two golf courses which reopened previously. Following a thorough deep clean and a host of precautionary steps to ensure the safety of guests and employees, Seaview is equipped to have team members back at work preparing to accept its first guests since March, when the COVID-19 pandemic closed hotels and other businesses across the country. 

Of course, the opening comes with a slew of safeguards to help ensure that everyone who stays and works at the 670-acre retreat can enjoy the facilities without harming their health. 

Seaview’s golf courses recently re-opened.

“We’re taking cautious steps forward,” said Director of Sales and Marketing, Mike Tidwell in a statement. “We’re starting out with just weekend service and offering about half our inventory. And for the time being, a room used this week won’t be used again for more than a full week, after being thoroughly cleaned. We look forward to being fully operational come July.”

Seaview has taken it upon themselves to train employees with COVID-19 safety sanitation protocol training, and workers will also follow Personal Protective Equipment recommendations from the CDC. In addition, public spaces and communal areas utilized by guests will be cleaned and disinfected multiple times per day, with an emphasis on hard non-porous surfaces.  

The hotel does in total have four floors, but for the time being will only be using the first two so that guests can avoid elevators and only have to utilize one set of stairs if necessary. 

Check-in will also follow certain guidelines with specific times and physical distancing being implemented in Seaview’s lobby. Hand sanitizer will be available at cleansing stations throughout the property, including outside and inside the elevators, so that everyone can feel safe while enjoying themselves as well.

Rooms will still be as comfortable as normal, but will only contain essential items where surfaces are freshly cleaned and most importantly, are essentially void of being touched by anyone prior.


Amenities-wise, the golf courses are currently open, and the outdoor pool will also be ready to use this weekend with chairs now spaced and reconfigured—the outdoor pool is large in size and airy, making it both ideal and safe. However, the indoor pool and recreation center at the hotel will remain closed for the time being. On an edible note, foodservice will be available this weekend with plenty of delectable options but will also be limited for now to contactless grab-and-go items.

Although it’s slightly different than business as usual at Seaview, a getaway at this resort can be fun, relaxing and safe. It’s up to individuals to see if they feel up for a trip, but all who are interested can at least be assured that precautions are being taken to keep health at the forefront of the partial re-opening. 

Seaview is located just eight miles from Atlantic City and 45 minutes from Philadelphia. Guests can make reservations for Friday, Saturday and Sunday of Memorial Day Weekend through The hotel will remain open on Friday and Saturday nights throughout June until reopening for daily service on July 1. 

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