Second suspect in dog fighting ring found guilty: PSPCA

PITBULL--10-23-02--Pitbulls are chained to trees on an easement between two residential properties near Leadville. The owner of the pitbulls (there are 20 in the area) denies he's raising them for fighting though the injuries some of the dogs have contrad

A West Philadelphia woman that had been charged with dog fighting in 2012 was on Friday found guilty on six counts of animal cruelty, officials with the Pennsylvania SPCA announced today.

Cynthia Bulle, 31, was convicted of felony dog fighting, felony conspiracy, summary level animal cruelty and possession of an instrument of crime. Co-conspirator Hakim Miller, 35, who had pleaded guilty in March, was sentenced to up to two years in prison on animal cruelty counts, one to two years for violating parole and three years’ probation.

The Philadelphia Police Department found evidence of the dog fighting ring on Dec. 12, 2012 when they were serving a warrant on a different matter at the 6000 block of Allman Street in West Philadelphia. After an investigation by the SPCA, Human Law Enforcement filed charges against the duo.

Three pit bull terriers owned by the two defendants were surrendered for treatment, behavior evaluation and rehabilitation.

Bulle is slated for sentencing in August.

“We hope Bulle’s sentence will be as appropriate as Miller’s,” said PSPCA CEO Jerry Buckley. “Dog fighting is a serious crime that merits serious consequences.”

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