Second suspect in Philly drag racing crash arrested


Police have arrested a second man connected to the drag racing crash that killed three young people last summer, according to multiple reports.

Ryan Farrell, 20, of Bustleton, is now in custody, authorities announced Tuesday evening.

Police previously arrested Christopher, Bloomfield, 20, of Knorr Street for his role in the July 29 crash on Sandemeyer Lane in Northeast Philly.

Bloomfield was allegedly driving a 2007 Acura in a street race when the vehicle collided with a tree, splitting the vehicle in two and killing three passengers: Yvette Gonzalez, 17, Sabrina Rhoads, 17, and Felip Hernandez, 20.

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A fourth passenger, an unidentified 17-year-old, was critically injured.

Bloomfield faces charges including homicide and involuntary manslaughter, police announced on Monday.

Police allege Farrell was driving another vehicle involved in the race. He now also faces charges. Authorities issued an arrest warrant for the man and had sought the public’s help in determining his whereabouts.

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