Seeking to say ‘thank you’ to Good Samaritan who returned wallet

Courtesy of u/wreq5

A Philadelphia-area man has issued a heartfelt plea online to find the kind-hearted individual who not only found his lost wallet, but paid tomailit back to him.

His goal: to say thank you.

“Whoever you are, I first want to thank you for your kind words, but, more importantly, it is because of you that I have strong faith in humanity,” the user “wreq5” posted on RedditPhilly, along with a picture of his wallet and the note it came with.

Wreq5, a mid-30s man from the Delaware County area, declined to identify himself, but told Metro that he just wants to thank the person who sent his wallet back.

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They included a note: “On Monday, March 7th, I found your wallet on the street. There was no cash, but it still had yourcredit cards, health insurance, and your driver’s license. Hope you don’t lose it again!

Wreq5 wrote in his plea to find the person:”There are good people in this world and I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for sending my wallet back. Please, if you find this post & you really are the person who sent it to me, let me know. I would like to thank you personally if given the opportunity.”

Wreq5told Metro he believes he lost his prizedwallet, a wedding gift from his wife, in the Chinatown area.

“Truly I didn’t realize I lost it until it arrived in my mail,” he said.”I had a default sentiment about most, if notall,humanity being a selfish community. This changed my outlook on humanity in a huge way … It’s great to know that great people exist in our city, regardless of the bad rap our citizens get.”

He has canceled his credit cards as a precautionary measure, but wrote on Reddit that he stillwants to say “thank you,” and possibly to offer the person who found his wallet a home-cooked meal.

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