Sex for tickets, or bargaining?

PHILADELPHIA. What Susan Finkelstein says she hoped to accomplish at a Bensalem bar in October was talk a construction worker into giving her two World Series tickets for about $500, despite a Craigslist post that read in part: “Price negotiable — I’m the creative type!”

A day before her first court hearing before a judge in Bucks County, she still has trouble coming to grips with the prostitution charge lodged against her.
“It’s still a shock that this happened,” she said.

Despite the real consequences of a prostitution charge — the maximum penalty is up to two years in jail — Finkelstein became an instant viral sensation. She and her husband, John LaVoy, who she said is very supportive, even got free tickets to games 2 and 3 of the World Series.

“All the stress involved with everything else wasn’t worth that [arrest],” she said, “but the games did help break up all the tension.”

Bensalem police director Fred Harran yesterday said that Finkelstein, who has drawn plenty of attention, including interviews with national media, was making a “mockery” of the system.

Her attorney, however, questioned Harran’s use of several officers to “go have a couple beers and watch Ms. Finkelstein.”
“I’m thinking of moving to Bensalem,” William J. Brennan said. “It must be the safest place on the plan.”

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