Shake-ing it up from theater to the big screen

This month, the Philadelphia Shakespeare Theatre and the Philadelphia Film Society are teaming up to present “The Bard on the Silver Screen.” The series promises screenings, but also some discussion on the ever-debated genre of Shakespeare film adaptations. As he’s one of the few local critics to specialize in both theater and film, we checked in with Metro contributor Matt Prigge.

Monday’s “Titus” by director Julie Taymor is based on her off-Broadway production. Does it work on film?

The benefit you get with Taymor is that she’s … like a mega-theater director. She produces these big shows, which can be cinematic.

What do good Shakespeare adaptations have in common?

The tempting thing with Shakespeare is to just find a crazy gimmick and focus on that. A good example is Kenneth Branagh’s “Love’s Labour’s Lost,” which is a musical version. He found that no one can do Shakespeare, sing and dance.

What are some of the worst?

In the Kenneth Branagh “Hamlet,” he does the monologue in front of this laughably bad CGI snow background. But there’s some really great moments, too. It’s a mixed bag.

‘Titus’ screening
Monday, 6:30 p.m.
Philadelphia Shakespeare Theatre, 2111 Sansom St.
$20-$35, 215-496-8001

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