Shane Victorino’s monster truck stop (PHOTOS and VIDEO)

Shane Victorino’s monster truck stop

You won’t believe how big Victorino’s ride is!

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Victorino is in!!/Michael_Nutter

Michael_Nutter Michael A. Nutter

Congratulations Shane Victorino! Our #Phillies star is going to the All-Star Game!

Shane Victorino, though he probably wouldn’t be available to play, is none the less making a final push for the National League All-Star team’s final spot. Mayor Michael Nutter had him over at City Hall this afternoon to promote the Flyin’ Hawaiian.

Victorino showed Metro the cast on his right thumb before heading off in the most noteworthy part of the whole downtown stop: his gargantuan monster truck.

Here’s video of the pint-sized All-Star (he is, arguably, right?) driving off after the City Hall promotional event.

Outside Mayor Nutter’s office, Phillies centerfielder Shane Victorino took some time to sign autographs (cast and all) and chat with Rick Marino Jr., son of the former Councilman, and Administration staffers Jordan Schwarz, Luke Butler, Mark McDonald



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