Shawn Colvin reveals her favorite place to visit in Philly

Grammy winner Shawn Colvin comes to Parx Casino for an acoustic evening of music with Lyle Lovett. | Provided

On Thursday, March 1, Grammy award-winning singer/songwriter, Shawn Colvin, comes to Parx Casino’s Xcite Center to perform a show with fellow musician, Lyle Lovett.

Best known for her 1998 hit, “Sunny Came Home,” Colvin is touring in support of the release of her latest album, “The Starlighter,” which is inspired by a children’s music book she received from her parents when she was a child.

“The beautiful arrangements by Alec Wilder inspired me then and continue to. The songs are simple but his arrangements are nothing short of brilliant,” she says.

For her Parx Casino performance, Colvin will be performing acoustic and fans can expect some collaboration between her and Lovett.

“Lyle and I will be onstage together for the entire evening, swapping songs and joining each other on songs from time to time,” she says.

And how did Colvin first meet Lovett?

“I met Lyle so many years ago. I opened for his band around 1992, I think, and we became friends. We knew each other’s songs and sang on each other’s records and have joined each other on stage many times. Doing these shows together made so much sense,” Colvin reveals.

Having a career that spans so many decades, what’s Colvin’s secret to her longevity in the music industry?

“I’d have to say it’s because of the loyal fans I have out there. They keep listening to my music and coming to see my shows. Without them I wouldn’t have a career,” she says.

On the road, Colvin admits she can’t live without these three things.

“Nice sheets, the medicine I have to take and a small electric fan for white noise.” she reveals.

And her favorite place to visit in Philly?

“Visiting WXPN is always great,” she says.

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