Sheetz vs. Wawa: the results are in

Like “Pat’s or Geno’s?” “Dogs lover or cat person?” some rivalries may never end.

In Pennsylvania, one such rivalry has stirred “tribal loyalties,” igniting emotion and anger from all corners of the state: Sheetz or Wawa.

But anew poll seems to have settled the matter. Public Policy Polling conducted a survey on the important issues: background checks for firearm purchases, opinions on Chip Kelly and which convenience store reigns supreme.

Pennsylvanians have spoken: 45 percent of respondents prefer Sheetz, compared to just 35 percent who think Wawa wins. Another 20 percent aren’t sure. (Theyprobably never even experienced Hoagiefest.)

But could the numbers lie?

Wawa’s Facebook pagehas1,321,429 likes. Sheetz trails at1,295,242. But Sheetz has more than double the Twitter followers as Wawa (305,157 to155,853).

Wawa was voted the best convenience store in America; Sheetz came in third, according to Market Force Information.

But Wawa’s cult-like following is no secret. So much so that Mashableglimpsed into the tight-knit community of Wawa devotees in a piece simply titled “The cult of Wawa.”

“I think it’s just kind of like the All-American Store,” customer Paula Turnbach told Mashable earlier this year. “It’s like, apple pie and Wawa, you know?”

Then there was that guy who took an engagement photo shoot with a hoagie…

That said, Sheetz might beat Wawa at its munchies game.

Looks like the rivalry continues, after all.

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