Shelf life: Spodee

What we’re drinking this week: Spodee, the new bottle from Philly-based label Art in the Age, creators of Root, Snap and Rhuby.

What it is: Spodee’s a fortified wine, which you likely haven’t sipped before. During the Depression, homemade wines were mixed with fruits, herbs, spices and moonshine to deliver a cheap drunk — think sangria, with less laughing.

What it tastes like: Like its ancestor, Spodee is pretty sweet — spiked wine has to be if you intend to drink it straight. You could, in theory, keep it old-school and drink it barefoot, straight from the bottle, but Spodee is happiest as a mixer.

Mix it with: Spodee likes to mingle. Add it to Coke for a sweet take on the kalimotxo (Spain’s red wine-and-cola cocktail), play around with orange juice and citrus to introduce a little pucker or team it up with whisky in warm drinks. Just remember: This stuff is a fairly potent 36-proof invented to get a country through the stock market crash, not a rainy Saturday afternoon.

In the kitchen: At Spodee’s coming out party this week, the spirit starred in more than just drinks. Little Baby’s Ice Cream whipped up a decadent batch of spiked red velvet cake ice cream, the Smoke Truck rolled out some Spodee-kissed barbecue and it even found its way into shots courtesy of My Jell-O Americans. For more recipes, pay a visit to — and don’t be stingy with the boozy cream puffs.

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