Shot Clock: Who is your Stoner of the Year?

We’re back for a second day with our new sports/pop culture phenomenon. So put 24 seconds up on the clock and bang away …


Imagine Tom Hanks supporting you for Best Actor or Meryl Streep for Best Actress. That would blow your mind, we’re talking Tyler Durden style at the end of Fight Club here. Yet that’s exactly what has happened in the wonderful world of hip hop music.

Iconic rapper Snoop Dogg never met some bubonic chronic that didn’t make him choke. Now, he’s putting his weed support behind colleague Wiz Khalifa. The Dogfather has nominated Wiz for High Times magazine’s 2011 Stoner of the Year.

“Who better to have it,” said Snoop. “He smoked everywhere he went. He did it high, he did it low. He did it underwater, he did it overseas. He did it everywhere he went. He’s the uncut champion.”

Snoop and Wiz appear on the April issue of High Times. Snoop won the award in 2002, last year’s winner was John Cusack.

Which got us thinking about area athletes. The Eagles’ Mike Patterson was famously arrested on marijuana charges in 2008, with Juqua Parker getting stopped and popped by police in 2009.

Pure speculation here, but we’d nominate former Sixers guard Andre Miller. Dude looks like he was born with a bong in his hand.


Remember the clown prince of crack head humor? We’re talking about Dave Chappelle, arguably the greatest comedian — save maybe, maybe Louis CK — to burst onto the scene in the past decade. Anyway, Chappelle had either a mental breakdown or substance abuse problem, depending on what you Google, and presumably retired to Charlie Murphy’s couch.

But Chappelle showed up in the Golden State Warriors locker room Monday night, where he was treated (read: heckled) to an impersonation from guard Nate Robinson. By the looks of Dave, in his tight black shirt, it sure looks like the comedian has been pumping some iron, too.


Rejoice, Sixers fans. Jeremy Lin and the Knicks finally lost a game.

Lin was one-upped by the Nets’ Deron Williams in a 100-92 loss and fouled out with 44.9 seconds left. Want the full story? Click here for Focus Taiwan coverage.

All this LINSANITY has got us wondering, though. Where is the next Jeremy Lin? Do we have a fly-under-the-radar Ivy League star right here in our backyard?

Well, he’s not Asian-American but Zack Rosen might fit the bill. Rosen is a 6-foot-1, 175-pound senior at Penn who is enrolled at Wharton. ESPN analyst Doug Gottlieb thinks Rosen could be a first-round pick in the NBA.

“A true point guard, who is very quick and strong. Rosen has improved by leaps and bounds as a shooter, is a very good playmaker and a bulldog of an on-ball defender. Tough as nails, Rosen has a chance to be a starting point guard, as his shooting and handle off ball screens continues to improve,” Gottlieb penned in late December.

Rosen is averaging 18.1 points and 5.8 assists per game for the Quakers, who sit in second place, behind Harvard, in the Ivy standings.


Pop goddess Rihanna released two collaborations Tuesday with ex-boyfriend/amateur boxer Chris Brown. Brown is featured on a remix of her “Birthday Cake,” while Rihanna is a guest on a remix of his “Turn up the Music.” The web is in a state of shock/denial right now over this.

This is a PG website, so we’re holding our tongue — for now. Anyway, here’s a clip of one of them:


Yeah, yeah, we know it’s 24 hours old now … but this might be the shot of the year for both these sad sack teams. Besides, we all know there is a lot of schadenfreude in these parts over the sudden and rapid demise of Jay Wright’s empire.

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