Sixers’ Ben Simmons posts dunks on Instagram, says he’s ‘feeling good’

Ben Simmons has been relatively quiet since he was ruled out for the NBA season late in the winter, but the buzz around the 76ers has been that he is progressing nicely — and he is growing.

World B. Free, and others who have been working with Simmons, say the officially listed 6-foot-10 point-forward is much closer to 7-feet-tall now. 

Can you imagine what a 7-footer playing the point, with the ability to handle the ball and pass like a 6-footer but the size of a center might look like? Imagine no longer.

Simmons posted on his Instagram Thursday, shirtless, showing off three slam dunks and some agility that no doubt makes fans feel a little less uneasy about his continued rehab and hopeful debut in October.



Alright last one

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Feeling great #PHILLY?? #tease #youcanttravelifthereisnoref

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If the 20-year-old attacks the rim like that when he’s on the floor for the Sixers, he could coin himself as “Ben-Jammin” Simmons.

Simmons played in the NBA Summer League last year but after injuring his foot he required surgery. Though initially expected to return in early 2017, Simmons was eventually held out for the entire season — much like teammate Joel Embiid was in back-to-back seasons prior to his breakout 2016-17 campaign.

The Sixers will once again be key players in the NBA draft this June, and after next week’s NBA draft lottery could hold two top five picks.

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