Sixers expect to sell out every game next season

Every time a sales rep sells a season ticket in the 76ers office, a bell goes off.

General manager Bryan Colangelo says that bell has been going off quite a bit as The Process has finally come full circle.

“I would venture to say we’re going to be sold out this year, playing to a full capacity every night,” Colangelo said during the news conference in which the team announced the details of its move to the No. 1 pick in Thursday’s NBA Draft.

The organization has been often criticized ever since The Process (and tanking) began, with various NBA analysts, owners and coaches giving their two cents into how the Sixers are damaging the product of the league by losing on purpose.

Last season, the Sixers averaged 17,330 per game — 18th in the league. The leader, Chicago, brought in 21,680 fans. Previously, the Sixers had dropped all the way down to 28th in the league (14,881) two years ago.

Colangelo said the organization has always been relevant, but does admit it has increased with the infusion of talent, most notably Joel Embiid last year and certainly when the pair of No. 1 picks, Ben Simmons and Markelle Fultz, make their debuts this upcoming season.

“I think we were relevant before, perhaps more now,” Colangelo said. “I think this fan base has been already excited by what they’ve seen. January alone last year, 10-5, gave everybody a taste of what that success feels like. I think that momentum is carrying forward. I sensed it and felt it. It’s an interesting position to be in and I think that relevance has already been felt and it’s only going to gain more momentum.”

Colangelo added that there’s a lot of excitement surrounding the organization now. The fans who stuck through the tough times, sometimes even unwatchable times, should soon be rewarded with quality basketball and a team competitive enough to make noise on a large spectrum. 

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