Sixers NBA trade rumors: Teams calling about Jimmy Butler

Philadelphia 76ers NBA Jimmy Butler

Last week, ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski and Ramona Shelbourne reported that Jimmy Butler aggressively challenged Sixers head coach Brett Brown about his role within the team’s offense.

Wojnarowski and Shelbourne mentioned in their report that at a film session in Portland, Butler’s behavior was viewed as “disrespectful” according to witnesses in attendance.

Even though Brown and Butler have both downplayed the incident from their recent west coast road trip, it has not stopped people from speculating about the two-way star guard’s future in Philadelphia.

According to Yaron Weitzman of Bleacher Report, an opposing team has already called the Sixers to see if this blowup means that Butler could be on the market.

However, Weitzman adds this tidbit of important information when it comes to Philly and Butler.

“This, as rumors swirl around NBA circles that the Sixers, spooked that Butler will bolt when he becomes a free agent this summer, are contemplating dealing Butler before the trade deadline. The team has never considered dealing Butler, according to league sources.”

“But it’s worth noting that the vultures around the NBA, often willing and eager to sow discord, have emerged, he wrote.”

Nevertheless, it does not come as a surprise to see the Sixers standing firm on not moving Butler. It would be utterly foolish for them to trade him, especially after what they gave up for the two-way star guard.

While the reported blowup between him and Brown is something to be concerned about to an extent, it is the first time we’ve heard about this. However, if it starts to become a common thing, then the organization should be worried.

But I still believe we are a long way from Butler being completely turned off from the Sixers and not wanting to re-sign with them this summer. As Weitzman noted in his piece, Philly’s ownership originally pushed for the Butler deal.

The Sixers made it clear in the summer that they were star hunting and they finally got one in Butler.

With that being said, will there be some issues along the way? Sure, but this team is better with Butler than without him. And ultimately, this organization wants to win a championship one day.

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