Sixers owners bringing NBA front office strategies to ESports

Getty Images

The Sixers’ front office hasn’t exactly impressed lately. It’s accumulated a stockpile of assets in young players and draft picks and is still hoping it can someday compete for an NBA championship.

But team CEO Scott O’Neil in an interview with said he is bringing an NBA front office mentality to Team Dignitas and Team Apex anyway — the ownership group’s newly acquired ESports franchises.

“Myopically, we have more people in our sponsorship service sales and activation group than Dignitas and Team Apex have on their entire staff,” O’Neil told the website. “This is an opportunity to get all of the weight and resources and the actual workload and contacts of a major league professional sports franchise behind Team Dignitas, so we can catapult them into the upper echelon of the eSports space.

The mentality is one of a pro sports franchise. To do everything you can to attract the best talent to the team and go from there. It’s a different outlook and a competitive one that could change the landscape of the ever growing Esportscommunity.

“The way to become and remain dominant in any sport is to attract the best players in the world,” O’Neil continued. “We’ll bring our sports background in health, hydration, nutrition and sleep to our eSports players.”

While bringing top talent onto a team is obviously not a new idea, the plan to use vast resources to improve an Esportsteam is a pretty new one. And pair with the Sixers sales and marketing team, Esports could leap forward onto the mainstream.

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