Size Matters: Expert Tips For Small Spaces

Make your tiny apartment look bigger with these expert tips. | Pexels

Short of moving or adding a costly addition, there’s nothing you can do to increase your home’s square footage. There are, however, plenty of tricks to make your space feel larger and more luxurious. Ready to expand your home’s horizons? We checked in with Philadelphia-based interior designer Staci Rosenblatt Levy, owner of SL Designs, for some tricks of the trade.

Embrace Color

Conventional wisdom says that small spaces should have white walls. That, however, isn’t quite true—it fact, bolder colors can enhance your tiny home if done correctly. “Over time, we’re realizing that we really can use a more saturated hue to make the space more interesting,” says Levy. “A darker color can be appropriate, but you have to be careful to balance it with softer, neutrals tones in your furnishings.” Her pro paint tip? Skip the contrasting trim—floor-to-ceiling color creates the illusion of those coveted higher ceilings.

Look Up
When floor space is at a minimum, go vertical. For bedrooms, Levy recommends wall sconces and now-trending floating nightstands that hang from the ceiling. When done right, shelving can actually make a room appear larger while adding valuable storage. “In a small space I’m a fan of shallow, built-in shelving—around 12 inches deep,” says Levy. “To make the ceiling appear higher, make the shelves go all the way up the wall.”

Mirrors, Mirrors On The Wall
Ideally, stunning French doors lead from your spacious living room to your airy balcony. But if that’s not the case, consider the power of the humble mirror. A long-time favorite of interior designers, they’re especially effective in cramped quarters. “I love to add mirrors into small spaces—or really any space,” says Levy. “The reflection helps to increase the room’s visual square footage. A large mirror can add the feeling of a window and an architectural touch.” On the closet door, consider a floor-to-ceiling mirror for maximum impact.

Work Your Windows

Large windows can make any room feel more spacious. If you’re lucky enough to have them, lay off the curtains and let their natural beauty shine. “I like to do very little, if any, window treatments to let in as much light as possible,” says Levy. “If your windows are beautiful and you have natural light, do away with anything unnecessary.”

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