Skyler Kauffman: Sad end for tale of missing Souderton girl

The body of Skyler Kauffman, 9, was found this morning in a dumpster near the apartment she lived in with her mother, Heather Gebhard, in Souderton, Montgomery County.

Police are holding a press conference now to shed more details on the girl’s murder, which happened in the time since she disappeared last evening. Her mother, police said, said Skyler never came home for dinner after last seen playing with friends in the Souderton Gardens apartment complex.

Police have reportedly said earlier today that a man was in custody, but did not release his name or if any charges had been filed.


Police have charged James Lee Troutman with the murder of Skyler Kauffman. Troutman, 24, who is described in the criminal complaint as six feet two inches tall and 283 pounds, reportedly lived in the same apartment complex as the girl. Still more details to follow as a press conference has just wrapped up in Souderton.

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