Snoop Dogg drops in for bottle signing

What’s accepted protocol for a cognac-bottle signing? That’s what more than 100 people wondered at a Center City wine and spirits store yesterday as they waited — and waited — for aging rapper Snoop Dogg.

Shawn McGuire and Lynn Quest arrived to 1218 Chestnut St. at 11 a.m., packing a folding chair and pictures of McGuire’s basement autograph shrine. Each shelled out $21.99 for a bottle of Landy Cognac VS that rapper Snoop Dogg was scheduled to sign starting at 3 p.m.

“I drink Coors Light,” McGuire admitted, “but if someone comes over who likes cognac, this would be a cool thing to have.”

Quest, who had charity-auction plans for his bottle, happily accepted the sample offering. “It has a nice bite,” he said.

Nearby, the table spread with Sharpies got lonelier and lonelier. As the line grew at 4 p.m., photographers were pushed back at the request of Snoop’s rep. At 5, a blonde model distributed T-shirts, saying: “People and T-shirts, I will never understand the concept.” In line, a bottle shattered.

At 5:30, everyone remained loosely confident in the fact that Snoop would eventually show, considering his concert later that night — last night — at the TLA. Then Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board spokeswoman Stacy Kriedeman announced, “He’s still coming. Traffic’s an issue. We’re hoping 6, but I think that’s optimistic.”

Optimism became reality at 6:15 with Snoop’s belated arrival.

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