Some groundhog with a weird name predicts 6 more weeks of winter, people boo

Pennsylvania’s most famous groundhog got a rather unpleasant response this morning after predicting six more weeks of winter.

According to several news outlets, Punxsutawney Phil was booed by the masses who gathered for the annual tradition with Gov. Tom Corbett and other officials in Gobbler’s Knob. Due to the cloudy weather and lights from the TV cameras, apparently Phil saw his shadow but wasn’t supposed to.

Of course, folklore says that if Phil does not see his shadow that means spring will come early, but if he sees his shadow it means six more weeks of winter. So, we can either take that to mean that Phil, like most Philadelphia sports teams, crumbles under pressure, or we can blame the people who still believe in 2012 that a friggin’ groundhog can predict the weather. It’s a friggin’ groundhog, people. The Democrats will probably blame Corbett for some reason or other, but I digress.

According to Stormfax Almanac, Phil is only right about 39 percent of the time, which sounds about on par with most meteorologists. Heck, it might even be better.

Anyway, maybe it is time for Phil to hang it up or find another line of work. We hear the Sixers are looking for a mascot that has nothing to do with Philadelphia. We’re here for ya, Phil.

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