Sosna: After ‘weather whiplash,’ don’t fear the snow

NBC10 weekend meteorologist Steven Sosna says after Philly experienced “weather whiplash” from recent temperatures, we can expect stable but cool temperatures. Read on for his take on the coming week’s weather.

Is Philly done with the historic cold?

The upcoming week won’t be nearly as cold as the start of January. While temperatures will remain below the average high of 40 degrees, they won’t be painfully cold either. Look for highs in the lower 30s during the early part of the workweek with afternoon highs reaching the 40s & 50s Friday into the upcoming weekend.

How bad will the snow be?

The snow Tuesday and Wednesday will be of the ‘nuisance’ variety. We’re looking at 1-to-2 inches in and around the city, but unlike prior snow systems this winter, the air temperatures won’t be as cold. This means road chemicals and salts will work effectively on treated surfaces leaving them just wet. It’s the type of snow you can remove with a broom. Two-to-4 inches is possible up across the Lehigh Valley and Poconos, where people make a living off the snow.

Why was there such an abrupt change in temperature after the January thaw? 

The thaw took place, and it was a substantial one. This past Thursday (Jan. 11) the high temperature reached 59 degrees, on Friday (Jan. 12) the high temperature reached 64, Saturday’s official high was 61 (just after midnight). I would say that’s quite a thaw! Unfortunately, it was followed by an arctic blast, but the cold wasn’t nearly as impressive this time around as the previous two. It just felt worse because we had 60-degree temperatures prior to it arriving. We’ve seen temperatures as low as 4 degrees in Philadelphia this month and as high as 64. That’s weather whiplash!

How long will this upcoming cold snap last?

This current cold stretch will last through Friday morning. By Friday afternoon, our temperature in Philadelphia should reach 40 or higher, breaking our below average cold stretch. The next upcoming thaw should last several days with temperatures by Sunday and Monday reaching well into the 50s. The chill behind this next round of warmth doesn’t look too abrasive either. Real nasty cold may not come back until late January or early February based on the latest trends.

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