Spa Week: Affordable winter recovery

Shedding your winter coat means baring your winter skin. Luckily, Spa Week — your chance to score $50 treatments at spas across the city — runs through April 17, just in time to swap those sweaters for short sleeves. With 15 participating spas, there are plenty of options to get you beach-ready, but we’ll get you started.

Keep the sun fun

Before you hit the beach, make sure you take care of your skin. Susan Schiano, a licensed esthetician at the Omni Wellness Center in Gibbsboro, N.J., recommends taking these steps:

» Check what’s in your everyday makeups and moisturizers. “Avoid using AHAs and glycolics for this season; these products can make your skin more sensitive, thus more susceptible to sun damage,” she advises.

» Don’t just slap on any old lotion: “An all-natural sunblock that withstands sun exposure doesn’t break down and doesn’t absorb into your system, unlike standard sunscreens.”

Spas to visit

Ettore Salon & Spa
1201 Market St.,
Located in the Marriott, this plush Center City spa is offering a refreshing green tea facial and a “desert bliss” pedicure. February? Never heard of it.

Floral Vale Spa
117 Floral Vale Blvd.,
Yardley, 215-968-8881,
Sure, we’d rather get our glow on somewhere tropical, but a short trip to this Yardley spa will score you a sea-salt “glow body” treatment, complete with a firming body application.

Lux Spa and Fitness
401 Chestnut St.,
Of course, no spa splurge would be complete without a massage: We dig Lux’s arnica and rosemary “muscle melt” version, clocking in at a decadent 50 minutes.

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