Spring forward: Moyer mulling future, ESPN?


The last time Jamie Moyer wasn’t getting ready to play baseball at this time of year, the Phillies had yet to win a World Series, Richard Nixon was in the White House and Jimi Hendrix was still alive.

“It’s hard to believe that it’s been 40 years since there was a spring in which I didn’t play baseball,” Moyer said while calling from his home in Bradenton, Fla.

Moyer, 48, will miss spring training for the first time due to Tommy John surgery in November. The crafty lefty is sidelined this season, but plans to return in 2012.

“The crazy thing is that I don’t miss spring training, Moyer said. “That almost scares me.”

He’s not sure if he’ll visit his ex-teammates in Clearwater.

“I’m not sure if I would feel comfortable in the stands,” Moyer said. “I’ve done it about twice in my adult life. I don’t think I would feel too comfortable in the clubhouse without a uniform.”

Moyer may not visit Bright House Field but he will be watching the Phillies. The outspoken Souderton native may appear on ESPN’s “Baseball Tonight.”

“I might do some baseball stuff with them,” Moyer said. “If I have an opportunity to do it. Why not try it and see if it works out?”

If Moyer becomes a baseball pundit, he’ll have plenty to say about the Phillies.

“I think the Phillies could be pretty phenomenal this season,” Moyer said. “They look great on paper and they’ll be fun to watch. I think they’ll be fine if most of the players play to their ability.

“I’m not saying they need to have career years. If they just do what they’re capable of they’ll have a great year and they should be able to walk through the National League.”

It’s not surprising that Moyer believes the currency of baseball is in starting pitching. After all, he does have 267 career wins.

“That’s what separates the Phillies from every other team,” Moyer said. “Look at their top four starters. They’re all quality guys to say the least. I expect big things from the Phillies.”

Moyer would love to rejoin the Phillies or hook up with another major-league squad next season.

“I’ll see what happens,” Moyer said. “If I can pitch again in the majors, that would be great, if it doesn’t work out, I’ve had a wonderful career.”

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