St. Vincent’s video for ‘New York’ was shot by a Philly-based team

Last week, St. Vincent, aka Annie Clark, released a stunning music video for the Jack Antonoff-produced single, “New York.” While most people think of New York City as being an urban jungle of grey concrete, this video reimagines the New York experience as one of modernity and color, complete with swans, burning salad and flower-covered delis.

The most shocking thing about it, though? The team behind the music video, All Ages Productions, is actually Philly-based, led by director and visual artist Alex Da Corte.

“We shot the entire video in NY, with the exception of one small pick-up shot,” says Ted Passon of All Ages Productions. “All of our studio set-ups were filmed at Be Electric Studios in Bushwick and we shot on location at: Astor Place, “The Wall” at Broadway and Lafayette and at the Park Slope Deli.”

In “New York,” one of the most incredible feats is St. Vincent actually pushing the Astor Place cube like it’s nothing. As the saying goes, many hands make light work.

“It’s really hard to push that statue from rest so we’d have one of our art department folks and a PA take turns pushing it for two full rotations to get it moving at a consistent speed and then they would do a hand off with Annie while the cube was in motion,” Passon reveals.

And what was it like working with St. Vincent? Despite barely getting sleep being in the midst of recording, writing, travelling and doing press, she was “great to work with.”

“She is totally down to earth and game for anything,” says Passon.  “She really added to the positive energy on set. She stole naps whenever she had a break, but as soon as the camera was up she was totally on and killed it.”

You can watch the video for “New York” below.

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