Staph Meal: Spilling gossip from the kitchen

Former food runner Joshua Albert, 25, has made waves in the restaurant world and beyond with his previously anonymous blog. Staph Meal reveals the sometimes abusive behavior of industry titans across the city.

But Albert got a taste of his own medicine when chef Georges Perrier’s legal team threatened to reveal his identity Monday night as part of a lawsuit filed against Albert by the Le Bec-Fin owner.

“When they did discover me, I controlled it a little by outing myself,” Albert said yesterday after posting his full name and picture on Staph Meal.

Though the insider gossip site, which is based on a combination of firsthand information and e-mailed tips, has been operational for a little less than a month, it has received over 83,000 hits.

Albert has received hundreds of comments and e-mails slamming the site. He has also become a local celebrity to many who can’t speak out against their employers — directly.

“The last few days, especially, the tips have been rolling in,” he said.

A 10-year veteran of the food service industry, Albert has seen a “disturbing” amount of worker exploitation and is letting restaurateurs know that it did not go unnoticed. Now that Albert has been exposed – and lost his day job at Bistrot La Minette as a result — he hopes to possibly monetize the website and branch out to other cities.

“I’m definitely going to try to keep going,” he said. “Maybe it will be a little easier now that I am outed. I can be a lot more active – though it may be hard to get a reservation.”

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