State Rep. J.P. Miranda, sister in police custody: D.A.

Jose Jose “JP” Miranda

State Rep. J.P. Miranda and sister Michelle Wilson turned themselves in at D.A. Seth William’s office at 10 a.m. this morning as scheduled, a spokeswoman confirmed today.

Miranda (D-197th dist.), 34, is charged with perjury and criminal conspiracy for allegedly hiring his sister to work in his office, paying her through a “straw employee” and lying to conceal his actions. Wilson is also charged with perjury and criminal conspiracy.

After turning themselves in, the two were transported to police custody.

“They’re now headed to police where they will be processed like anyone else who has been charged with a crime,” said Tasha Jamerson, D.A. Williams’ press officer.

D.A. Seth Williams announced the results of a grand jury indictment charging both siblings for the incident at a press conference on Monday morning.

The grand jury charged Miranda with trying to “circumvent the rules” against hiring Wilson as his chief of staff by paying Timothy Duckett, a former driver for his office, as a full-time employee, and having Duckett give up part of his paycheck to Wilson.

Duckett was highlighted in a May 2013 broadcasts by FOX 29, which described him as a “ghost employee” and showed that he was working at his auto repair shop while listed as a full-time employee in Miranda’s legislative office.

That news story led directly to this investigation, D.A. Williams said on Monday.


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