State troopers blast new commish over uniform on Facebook

State police and their supporters have taken to social media to bash Gov. Wolf’s pick to become the state’s top cop.

On the “ He didn’t earn it he shouldn’t wear it ” Facebook page, which has more than 3,000 likes, followers are taking former Maryland State Police superintendent Marcus Brown to task for starting to wear a Pennsylvania State Police (PSP) uniform after getting the job, even though he didn’t graduate the PSP academy and isn’t from Pennsylvania.

Brown “did not earn the right to wear PSP grey. He should wear a suit or attend the academy,” the Facebook’s page states.

However, there may be more to the troopers’ ire than the uniform.

Brown is also blasted for his attitudes toward civil disobedience. Dozens of critical comments follow an image of a quote by Brown, stating, “The vast majority of civil disobedience in this country is sparked by law enforcement.”

The statement was reportedly made in September 2014 at a Maryland Police Executives Roundtable Discussion.

Brown is currently acting commissioner and was sworn in by Wolf last month to replace former Chief Frank Noonan.

Members of the Facebook page, some of whom identify themselves as local police around the state, are asking supporters to contact local officials and urge them to vote against confirming Brown at hearings to be scheduled within the next month, on the grounds that he is wearing the grey uniform.

Brown defended himself against critics in an interview with ABC 27 , saying he is wearing the uniform to show that he works for the PSP.

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